Settlement Agreement with CFA Institute, USA

Icfai is pleased to announce that on May 25, 2012, it amicably resolved its worldwide dispute with CFA Institute. The agreement will allow the parties to peacefully coexist and pursue their respective business objectives. Icfai will continue to operate under the Icfai brand but will begin phasing out its offering of the CFA designation over the next seven years. To ensure the continuity and success of our current offerings, students who are currently enrolled in the program will be eligible to receive a CFA designation from Icfai. Icfai will advise its existing alumni and students to use the terminology “CFA (Icfai)” to help distinguish themselves from CFA Institute’s charterholders.

Icfai’s mission is to provide the highest quality education and training to its students. Both parties are pleased that the litigation is over, and expect that the professionals affiliated with each organization will treat each other with courtesy and respect. We hope that you will join us in promoting a harmonious relationship with CFA Institute.



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